Veterans Essentials Transitional System  

Tomorrow Will Be Better

The number of suicides for Veterans is thought to be 20 to 22 per day, which is unconscionable. To think that America and Americans have not solved this travesty is totally unacceptable and must be addressed with practical solutions and love. Every Veteran and service member needs to know they are needed and valued in our current society.  According to a 2012 VA report, on average 22 Veterans / Active duty service members were dying by suicide per day.  A Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) report on September 15, 2017, stated that on average 20 Veterans / Active duty service members were killing themselves per day. The report further stated that:

  • 70% were not under VA care (14 out of 20)

  • 65% Veterans who died by suicide in 2014 were over the age of 50

V.E.T.S. (Veterans Essentials Transitional System) was conceived in 2017 by Bruce Carter based on a conversation with North Carolina Secretary of Veteran Affairs Larry Hall and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s desire to serve Veterans returning home from recent wars. It wasn’t until October 13, 2018, during a Congressional Medal of Honor Celebration that the importance of the V.E.T.S. program was realized by Bruce. It was at the Gala, during several conversations, he found that it was still true, on average, 22 Veterans died by suicide a day.

Bruce, believing his steps are ordered by God, leaned back to his conversation with Secretary Hall, replayed the conversations at the Gala, and started doing research throughout the night of the 13th into the early morning of October 14. On October 14, 2018, after he attended Dallas Bible Church for his 17-year-old daughter’s baptism, his mission was confirmed. Standing in the parking lot he was approached by Jim Blythe, a 71-year-old Navy Veteran, and broadcaster for  The meeting in the parking lot was followed by a lunch where Jim detailed what life has been as a Veteran.

V.E.T.S. (Veterans Essentials Transitional System) is based on practical solutions in a 4 x 4 plan. The plan is managed by a non-governmental Certified Life Saver trained on all governmental and nongovernmental resources available to Veterans.  The LifeSaver is then assigned 22 Veterans with the primary goal of starting each day with their 22. The Life Saver will facilitate the V.E.T.S. plan based on the individual needs of each Veteran with the support of LPCs and churches. 


V.E.T.S. 4 x 4 plan addresses the following 4 issues in 4 years: 

  1. Housing

  2. Entrepreneurship

  3. Health

  4. Employment

The order of 4 x 4 is by design based on the minds of all individuals requiring organization and order:

  • Housing is the stabilizer and refuge for the mind.

  • Entrepreneurship provides a level of accomplishment that one needs as they fulfill their dreams.

  • Health is tackled holistically by addressing: soundness in body, mind, and spirit.

  • Employment that provides a living income but also serves a greater purpose for the country.

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