Sponsor a Certified Life Saver

Certified Life Savers (CLSs) are individuals who provide day to day support services to 22 Veterans assigned to them on a four-year transitional plan. A CLS will be trained by professional counselors, Veterans Administration staff, and other partnering agencies and organizations on all resources available for each Veteran.


The CLS cuts through all the bureaucracy and bad customer service on behalf of each Veteran and delivers the finished product or service ready for use by the Veteran. This process will reduce stress, frustration, let down, and the feeling of not being valued.


Additional responsibilities of the CLS are to listen and hear the tone of each of their 22 Veterans on a daily basis in order to request intervention from the appropriate platoon member when necessary.

Sponsor a Single Mother from your congregation or local community so she can attend training and earn a Life Savers Certification. The Certification affords her the opportunity to earn an annual salary of $40,000 plus bonuses and incentives. The opportunity for a single mother to work primarily from home is invaluable for her children and our society.


A sponsorship costs $1,000.00 which includes 3 nights of lodging, food, training, and child care during training. Please make checks payable to RFAA Fund Inc., a 501c3. Your gift will qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

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