How Much Is A Life Worth?

Dear Bishop, Pastor, Overseer, and Lay Members,


The Value of A Life is a 911 call to those who believe in GOD to unite a greatly divided country in order to save lives and restore families. It is unconscionable that on average 22 Veterans kills themselves daily, senseless violence at the hands of young black males against one another continues to rise, unarmed black men are killed by police, police are being killed ambush-style by young black men, and the violent attacks against places of worship is too frequent.  The Value of A Life, through the iThink Solutions Tour, The Value of A Life Conference, and Value of A Life Tour (VOLT), will bring Americans from all walks of life together to consider the thought-provoking question: How Much Is A Life Worth?


The Value of a Life Conference is an annual ten-day historical event and the only platform that invites all sides to the table with hard and uncomfortable questions about the broken hearts when a loved one is killed. The inaugural Conference will focus on awareness, appreciation, and the collaboration of strategic partners required to fulfill the mission. The Conference will host a diverse demographic of leaders from the faith community, educators, Veteran Service Organizations, Veterans Administration, elected officials, law enforcement officials, community organizers, small nonprofits, peace officer organizations, and sworn peace officers. The inaugural Conference will:

1. Introduce practical solutions to immediately reduce and ultimately eradicate Veteran suicides

2. Address the root causes of why young black males are lost such as:

  • Father abandonment and lack of support

  • Systematic Oppression

  • Mass Incarceration

3. Address other topics that cause preventable loss of life such as:

  • Suicide 

  • Sexual Exploitation 

  • Domestic Violence 


VOLT is a 4-year Tour covering 48 States and 309 cities visiting middle schools, high schools, barber shops, hair salons, and mom and pop restaurants that will launch in 2020. At each stop VOLT will spread a message of courage, unity, character, integrity, love for thy neighbor, and ask/answer the thought provoking question: How Much Is A Life Worth?


We believe that the faith community must be the leaders in order to unify and restore our country under God. The vision is for 250 bishops, pastors, overseers from across America, and their loved ones to kick-off the Value of a Life Conference by ushering in the observed day of Christ’s Birthday and celebrating the entire day in prayer, music, and fellowship with your fellow laborers in the Word. The Value of A Life prayer and hope is that each leader will be restored according to Deuteronomy 30:3-13, Psalm 119:50, and reinvigorated according to Isaiah 40:31. The initial 250 will be known as the “How Much Is A Life Worth?” Coalition.


The Coalition under Ecclesiastes 4:8-13 will be the lifeline and last line of defense for those seeking to end their own life or someone else’s.  Coalition members will receive funds for outreach, to host events and seminars in their prospective communities, along with a mobile lifeline phone. The mobile lifeline is a phone that stays on 24 hours a day in order to provide the Word of GOD and hope to those considering taking their life or the life of someone else. ​

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