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The Value of A Life is a 911 call to those who believe in GOD to unite a greatly divided country to save lives and restore families. The following are unconscionable: on average, 22 Veterans kill themselves daily, senseless violence at the hands of young black males against one another continues to rise, white males are committing mass shootings of the most vulnerable, police kill unarmed black men, and police are being killed ambush-style by young black men.  The Value of A Life, the Value of A Life Conference, the US Solutions Tour, and the Value of A Life Tour (VOLT) will bring Americans from all walks of life together and ask the thought-provoking question: How Much Is A Life Worth?


The Value of a Life Conference is an annual ten-day historical event and the only platform that invites all sides to the table with stiff and uncomfortable questions about broken hearts when a loved one is killed. The inaugural 2020 Conference will focus on awareness, appreciation, and the collaboration of strategic partners required to fulfill the mission. The inaugural conference will host a diverse demographic of leaders such as the faith-based community, Veteran organizations, educators, elected officials, law enforcement officials, community organizers, police officers organizations, and sworn peace officers to: 

 1. Introduce practical solutions to reduce and ultimately eradicate Veteran suicides immediately -

  • Establish a national coalition of clergy called "How Much Is A Life Worth?" 

  • Establish a national Platoon for V.E.T.S. (Veterans Essentials Transitional System), consisting of Certified Life Savers (CLSs), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs), community organizers, and those Americans that believe each Veteran's life has value.  

  • Establish a national coalition of policymakers called "Who Really Cares?" Members of the Coalition will consist of current, future, and past elected officials, Veteran organizations, and Veterans. 

 2. Address the root causes of why young black males are lost, such as:

  • Father Abandonment and lack of support

  • Systematic Oppression

  • Mass Incarceration


 3. Rebuild trust between law enforcement and the community -

  • Share Best Practices between law enforcement agencies. 

  • Listen to community organizers, concerned parents, and young people. 

  • Introduce a national community policing program called "We Are Going Home."

 4. Address other topics that cause preventable loss of life, such as:

  • Suicide

  • Mass Shootings 

  • Sexual Exploitation 

  • Domestic Violence 


VOLT is a 4-year Tour covering 48 States and 309 cities, visiting middle schools, high schools, barbershops, hair salons, and mom and pop restaurants that will launch in 2020. At each stop, VOLT will spread a message of courage, unity, character, integrity, and love for thy neighbor and ask the thought-provoking question: How Much Is A Life Worth?


The mission is to establish that each life has value by mending broken hearts and promoting the thought-provoking question, How Much Is A Life Worth?  As an individual, organization, foundation, or company, you can support the mission by assisting with the placing of thought-provoking signs and stickers throughout communities in America.  Our goal is to place stickers on mirrors and doors of schools, bumpers, windows of cars, windows of businesses, and in yards of Patriots.


One could discuss the various reasons for division in society and broken families, but focusing on commonalities and solutions is more productive. It is understood that some will remain on the sidelines of selfishness while others will hold to their traditions, but when enough men and women unite to answer the call, the mission will be accomplished.


What will YOU do for your country?

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